Siteground hosting sale offer in 2024 – Up to 63% OFF

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Siteground Hosting is one of the most popular and super fast hosting.Siteground is the Non-EIG hosting company. i highly recommend siteground hosting for beginners as well as advanced user.

I personally use this hosting from last 9 years and i am more than enough statisfied with their services and high speed.

If you really want to put your hands on siteground than welcome you are on the right place.

Siteground now uses google cloud platform to make user websites superfast like rocket and main SSL certificates is free for all websites like many other company not provide SSL cerificates and some web hosting company will only provide 1 SSL certification but in siteground they provide unlimited SSL certificates for FREE.

In Siteground the risk of getting hacked is very less because siteground hosting company put lots of effort to secure your website from Malware and DDos attack.

The backup of website is on daily basis and stored it for 30 days.

Siteground also offers free CDN cloudfare which helps to increase your website page speed.

The main and best part of siteground hosting is very simple customization even class 8th standard kid can easily host website on siteground user panel

siteground hosting sale offer

Siteground hosting sale offer in 2024

siteground hosting offer 63% off on their most selling plan. ( siteground pricing )

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siteground hosting sale offer


How did we originate?

In 2004, three university students opened the SiteGround in Sofia, Bulgaria – now called “Silicon Valley in Europe.”Tenko nikolov Technology businessman, Tenko Nikolov the great founder, Tenko Nikolov, began working as a technical support at SiteGround back in 2004 when he was a law student. He is now the CEO.

The Company now employs more than 400 and operates more than 1.7 million domains worldwide. SiteGround remains private ownership.

SiteGround’s datacenter locations are located on three continents: North America, Europe, and the Asia-Pacific region, with servers in London, Chicago, Singapore and Amsterdam.

If you are the type of consumer who prefers a creative boutique rather than a big box label SiteGround should be in your short web hosting list. Many holding companies are run by large firms. Sometimes the special qualities that define a host are left behind in the process.

In contrast, SiteGound’s pride in ownership comes from it:

Custom – but inexpensive solutions tailored to your needs.

Wireless measurement for small businesses.

Carefully doing their catch design to provide good performance and speed.

Custom software solutions made by their in-house developers. This includes artificial intelligence to protect your website from hacks and system development that has become part of what is known as the Linux Kernel.

An enthusiastic community where SiteGround staff meet and educate users around the world, and sponsor WordCamps, Joomla days, and other technology conferences, in major cities around the world.

Well-trained staff working internally. In contrast to many webmasters, you will see who you are talking to, look at their names; see how many customers they have helped, and how customers have rated that person’s service.

SiteGround demonstrates a real commitment to helping their customers succeed in their online programs.

SiteGround caters for small businesses, startups, business clients, and bloggers who inform you about:

  • Quality management of modern technology
  • Smart custom solutions
  • Advanced Security
  • And an affordable price

Instead of competing in one of these areas – as most webmasters do – SiteGround’s strategy is to provide all four.

Who Can Choose What?

Growing businesses can opt for faster cloud hosting that automatically scales (automated traffic spikes).Business clients can create their own customization option with online tools or by talking to Site Ground’s technical service.

WordPress users can get their plugins and content updated regularly with them and hosted on a CMS-optimized platform. Well-known in the industry for their WordPress expertise, SiteGround also offers customized Drupal and Joomla hosting and commerce platforms like Magneto and PrestaShop.

Their web hosting plans are designed for speed and security and come with features such as free daily backups and retrieval, 24/7 support, 99.99% downtime and a 30-day money back guarantee. Set prices starting at 3.95 per month.

Some of the Salient Features of SiteGround

siteground hosting discount sale offer

Standard Features

While not a home name like GoDaddy, SiteGround is invaluable in terms of loyalty and high-quality web hosting services. SiteGround’s strategy is to provide custom-made services to a unique set of individual needs.

Solutions for Review

The webmaster does this by selecting hardware, building server architecture, and customizing software solutions in a new way.

Our customer reviews always rank SiteGround No. 1 among all web hosts.

SiteGround has made a name for itself as one of the leading game developers of game-changing technology in the web hosting industry.

So, before you rush to choose the most popular and expensive web host, read on.

Control Panel- SiteGround provides a control panel for cPanel for most of its hosting plans.

Easy to use-cPanel is part of a tab-based interface that allows you to get technical support and pay and manage your account.

Anyone who has used cPanel before should have no problem with it. Even if you don’t know, cPanel is easy to use.

Do More with One-Click Programs

The control panel installs Softaculous, which is a one-click installation tool. With Softaculous, you have access to more than 400 apps that can be easily added to your website to increase its functionality.

You can also use it to start / install the WordPress, Drupal, or Joomla site – or an online store – with a single click.

Making and Time

Server downtime is the worst enemy of any business environment. This is because whenever your website goes down (or 30 minutes), you lose your customers, you lose the trust of your current customers, and you may put yourself at your SEO level. That is why it is recommended to go with a Rest assured: 99.99%

At SiteGround, this is exactly what you get with more mixed kicks. This webmaster offers all customers 99.99% monthly guarantee.

Real Time Monitoring

Unlike web hosts that follow their servers within 1-5 minutes, SiteGround performs real-time tracking. As a result, server problems are quickly detected and thus fixed very quickly. This real-time tracking coupled with new server technology ensures minimal downtime.

Our test site, launched 7 months ago on SiteGound’s GoGeek program, has a 100% downtime.web host that offers at least less than today’s 99.9% downtime.

Time to work and respond

Many people are confused between the time to rest and the time to respond. It’s really easy. Downtime is the time when the server is available. Response time takes a long time for a server to send a webpage. As a downtime, SiteGround offers excellent response times.

SiteGround uses only the latest technology in all of its server hardware. User accounts are also periodically transferred from old hardware to new, faster servers to ensure seamless performance across all hosted websites at all times.

Website Uploading Times

This company is one of the fastest web visitors out there with loading speeds ranging from 20 milliseconds to more than a second.

The provided speed technologies include:

Cloudflare CDN (content delivery network).

You can choose between temporary or dynamic, or remembered. (Remembering the powerful open source system.)

SSDs (solid-state drives) are used in all accounts. This is high in speed and reliability on HDDs (hard disk drives).

NGINX: web server technology that speeds up your site loading time.

HTTP / 2 enabled servers. This is a new network protocol and contributes to speed.

PHP 7. PHP is a server-side scripting language, often used to create dynamic website content. This PHP version has been tested by Zend and found to improve speed significantly. For example, they found that it increased Drupal 8 by 72%.

Why PageSpeed ​​Matter?

Google PageSpeed ​​is the response time limit. But it is much harder than you might think. For example, the site may have good PageSpeed ​​on desktop computers, but poor rating on tablets or mobile phones. The SiteGround support team can help you get the best PageSpeed ​​- on all devices.

Server Protection and Site Property

SiteGround uses advanced intrusion detection systems and systems to prevent continuous scanning, blocking, malware, and viruses.

Their management systems give them the ability to fix problems quickly and identify problems so that they can take appropriate action. This is not the case with other web hosts, which do their scanning once a day or once a week.

Artificial Intelligence Protects Strong Bombs

In April 2017, SiteGround launched an artificial intelligence (AI) platform to block malicious bots. The bots engage in malicious attacks using large server resources in an attempt to hack login to the website.

Shortly after the launch of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Hristo Pandjarov of SiteGround said “We are already seeing amazing results with the operation of the system. Every hour it blocks between 500,000 and 2 criminal attempts on all our servers.”

Hacking Protection-Additionally, SiteGround has a unique isolation program, which protects your website from being hacked if someone else’s site on your server is compromised.

Choose GrowBig or GoGeek programs and you will get free website migration.

WordPress-powered SiteGrounds handles your plugin and key updates. Since outdated plugins often lead to hacks, this service is beneficial for WordPress users.

Free auto-return free

All SiteGround programs offer free backups and “restore” (restoration to an earlier version of your website). Specifically, you get free daily backup system backups and 30 automatic backup copies every day.

Restoring your site to the previous version is easy: it takes just one click.

Quick backup and restore is free for all programs.

In the GrowBig program, you can also set up backup (“on-demand backups”) for a limited time.

Quick on-Demand Backups

Additionally, you can choose to create a “required” backup immediately, at any time. This option is available for free on GrowBig plans and above.

Situations where this might help include pre-publishing major changes to your website.

Free backup and restore of all programs.

When you back up a “much-needed” backup, you get the option to back up some files, folders or email or your entire account.

Datacenter security and hack alerts are what you wore

Server security is the responsibility of your web host. But you are responsible for the safety of your website / application. Making incorrect codes can leave doors open to hackers. To help you, SiteGround offers Hack Alert, the first warning system developed by GlobalSign. Hack Alert can notify you of hidden malware on your site before it takes effect.

SiteGround datacenter security includes:

Unwanted power supply via UPS (uninterrupted power supply); power supply, and power generators.

  • 24/7 personal monitoring of servers
  • Biometric access points
  • Personal access control traps
  • Ways to block bullets
  • Video rental

Web host even replaces all parts of servers and replacement servers to ensure that performance has not been interrupted for too long.

Customer Support and Help

One of the strengths of SiteGround according to web host users is professional, fast, and friendly customer service. The company deliberately appoints enough customer service representatives for each shift to ensure that your questions and concerns are addressed promptly whether you choose live chat method, email, tickets, or phone support.

siteground sale offer

Above the Staff Support Team

This overworked customer support representatives saw SiteGround respond immediately to live chat calls and inquiries while sponsored tickets were sent out for 10 minutes waiting for a response. SiteGround also has a variety of courses and webinars in its customer support arsenal. They add useful basic and technical information to almost all web hosting topics.

What Is “Additional Support”?

“Advanced Priority Support” is a premium feature that puts your application for service above others, and provides it to more experienced team members. This premium customer support was launched at the end of March 2019 and is available on GoGeek programs and beyond.

Money-Back Guarantee

SiteGround offers a 30-day money back guarantee. If you cancel within 30 days of joining, you receive a 100% refund. Domain names, administration fees, and extensions are not refundable. Most webmasters offer you a certain type of credit equal to the amount you have paid but with SiteGround, you may have a credit card credited to your account or a full refund on your credit card.

Need a website or online store? SiteGround offers the Weebly site builder for free. Comes with a mobile app, which allows you to track sales from your mobile phone.

If, however, you decide to cancel after 30 days, you will only receive a pro-rata rating for the remaining term.

How about Warranty?

They also offer a 99.99% annual warranty and will give you credit if they fail to do so. If their resting time drops to 99% to 99.99%, they will give you a free month of holding. For every 1% downtime less than 99%, they will give you an extra month of free service. But again, my knowledge of them is that they rarely get anywhere near that issue. So you get solid web hosting, not refunds.

The Story of the Storound

Some of the great things offered on SiteGround include:

Developer features such as GIT integration, site platform, and WP-CLI integration, among others.

WordPress and Joomla toolkits for all websites. These tools perform a variety of tasks ranging from changing a domain address, resetting your administrator passwords, fixing file permission issues.

An easy-to-use cPanel that includes all the required information under one web page.

HTTP / 2 technologies to enhance the perfrmance of HTTPS websites.

Some of the great bonuses from SiteGround include:         

  • Free website builder
  • Standard software updates to keep your website running smoothly
  • Freedom to choose the location of the server closest to your users
  • Premium support option
  • Advanced technology for keeping track of fast speeds
  • 30-day cancellation window


The company exceeds the standard expectations of webmasters for installing its malware / virus scanning software and isolation technology that prevents infected websites from infecting other websites on a given server.

Additional Security Features

Additionally, SiteGround has a security layer in place that ensures that any plugins and themes you install are clean and secure as well as secure connections to your website that protect any sensitive information on your site by making it difficult to hack.

Users can also pay a regular fee for SiteGround’s “Hack Alert” service which sends you weekly alerts informing you of potential threats to your site’s security and ways to combat these threats.

SiteGround Hosting Packages

SiteGround offers all the best you can expect a webmaster to offer you. There are many shared packages, cloud, and web hosting, as well as managed WordPress management programs to choose from. They offer special packages designed for merchants, WordPress users, and business customers. In fact, their customized solutions are one of the most popular.

SiteGround hosting options include:

  • Collaborative catching
  • Cloud hosting
  • Dedicated servers
  • WordPress hosting
  • Business management
  • Merchant recapture

Reseller’s Parks

In addition, SiteGround offers a unique Reseller program for businesses that wish to host websites as their main business or wish to add hosting as an extension. For example, a web designer might want to offer hosting for their customers. SiteGround reseller packages offer mass discounts, pricing capabilities, and deal with domain names as well.

Shared Catch

Their shared hosting plan contains 10 GB of storage, unlimited email, allows single website, can manage network traffic of up to 10,000 visitors per month, and has web performance support and Cloudflare security service.

Other hosting packages above the Startup Plan come with better features including more storage (with web hosting packages dedicated to the highest 2TB disk space), unlimited websites, maximum monthly visit, free daily backups and retrieval, and an SSL security certificate.

Additional Hosting package

Additionally, some hosting packages come with special features such as Cloudflare CDN, advanced support, and unlimited websites. All plans offer free daily maintenance and refunds. If you wish to find out the details of all the hosting packages offered, SiteGround’s official web page is a great source. What attracts most small business owners is that the GoGeek package is PCI compliant. If you plan to sell items through your site, you will need this.

SiteGround does not offer Disk Space “Unlimited” and Bandwidth, however. . .

Many hosting companies offer “unlimited” disk space and bandwidth. This is deceptive, though. What it really means is that the administrator does not monitor your use of disk space and bandwidth. If your site uses resources to the point where it causes dragging of other websites hosted on the same server, you will find yourself cut off.

SiteGround provides a set amount of disk space and a rough idea of ​​how many website visitors the program can work with per month. If you have too many visitors, you may need to upgrade your system.

Great Customer Service Comes With It

However, this is one area where SiteGound’s support team can really help. If you have been online for a while, you may have noticed that there are far more spam visitors visiting your site than real customers.

Syed Balkhi the owner of website give peronally review about siteground hosting.

siteground hosting discount offer coupon

So, without any second thought go and Get SiteGround, the best Web Hosting Platform. 


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