Affiliate Booster Theme Discount sale offer 2024

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Best affiliate booster theme discount 2024

In this article i listed Affiliate Booster Theme Discount sale offer 2024 with complete review and Buying Guide

Any beginner or expert is always a difficult decision to choose the best theme and the right plugin for your affiliate website or blog that makes your website attractive and provides functionality to make your content look professional and organized to further transform your readers into customers and improve sales. also income.

If you search for any of your website content that makes your job much easier without installing any additional plugin for Topreviewguru to bring you the newest and best-selling theme – Affiliate Booster link with Affiliate Booster theme review [Full Buying Guide and Specification].

Affiliate Booster Theme is the most powerful WordPress theme for social media marketing because this team is Schema Optimized, SEO Optimized, Ultra-Fast Page Upload Speed, Easy Customization per page, Advanced Typography and direct color control at customizer, 100% responsive, Elementor and Woozone are compatible and the main feature of this team comes with the Affiliate Booster Conversion Block plugin which is 100% Gutenberg compatible and makes your job much easier.

The biggest problem with Competitive Marketer is choosing the right plugin for their blog. Affiliate Booster Theme will surely and 100%  improve any affiliate marketing to the next level.

Today I am here to show you something about Kulwant Nagi and his Developing Team from April.

To be an Integrated Masterclass student (Join me Affiliate Marketing Masterclass Course) of Mr. Kulwant Nagi Ji, I had this issue of which plugin is best for collaborative marketing, which plugin should I use to attract my students, so I decided to discuss the best Affiliate Booster Theme. He had an idea to create an awesome WordPress theme for affiliate marketers.

The theme is so awesome that you get all the features in just one theme.

There are currently many themes on the market, but the best choice is always a challenge.

and after selecting a theme, another challenge is choosing the right plugins.

What if affiliate marketers have all the features in one theme?

Affiliate Booster Theme Discount

Affiliate Booster WordPress Theme Features

Here are some of the fun features of the Affiliate Booster Theme.

  • 6 header design projects
  • 8 homepage designs
  • 4 projects for one post
  • The theme for Schema
  • Fast loading
  • SEO is optimized, and many other interesting features.
Affiliate Booster Theme Discount

How to find the best affiliate booster theme

1. Easy Travel

While looking for a well-designed, well-designed, and animated theme, we may end up having a less functional theme. So always remember to choose a theme where the user can easily navigate. Everything is filtered in such a way that one click at a distance. Things should be searched simply by being careless.

There are many themes that add a lot of images, colors, and things we don’t need at all.

2. Browser compatibility.

This must be a feature. Nowadays people use many browsers like Chrome, Firefox, IE, Edge, Opera, Safari, etc.

If CSS and Javascript are used in a particular WordPress theme, which only works in certain browsers it will embarrass your readers. You may not find users returning to your website. It will ultimately affect your income.

3. It responds

Any topic targeted at Amazon Affiliates needs to be answered in order to be considered the best Amazon theme associated with WordPress.

People use the Internet everywhere on all kinds of smart devices. The screen size of all these devices ranges from 4 “to 24”. Your WordPress will appear on Smartphones, tablets, laptops, desktops, etc.

The theme should therefore be responsive enough and should be automatically adjusted to any screen size. So the total cannot have a fixed size structure.

the drum

4. Page Builder Support

Nowadays many page builders are available in the market. The task of building a page is to improve the functionality and appearance of your website. Using page builders you can easily drag n-blocks and build them. This is very helpful in building landing pages.

Many themes come with a built-in page builder. But the backside says, it increases the overall complexity unnecessarily. Most of the time we may not need an Amazon Affiliate web page builder.

So make sure your theme does not contain a page builder, while simultaneously supporting every type of page builders like Elementor or Thrive Architect.

5. Application of Strategies

When you start any project it can be construction, software development, or theme. Everything should be the proper structure and structure of the schema. Without a schema, your project will hit roadblocks.

Similar to the amazon theme of WordPress associated with WordPress, schema creation is very important. It should have a proper head, foot, body, etc.

A well-designed schema theme will definitely increase the speed of your theme. It also helps to improve the SEO performance of the website.

Best affiliate booster theme review

This question should come to the minds of all bloggers as to why it is an excellent topic to keep in mind and what features make it stand out from other themes.

So I’ll show you how it differs from other themes

1 Resize Logos with one click

  • Go to Appearance >> Customize >> Location ID
  • lobster booster change logo size with one click
  • This theme provides functionality to directly change the width and height of the logo with a single click and often this feature is not seen even in large themes.

2 Designed Header Design

  • Go to look >> Custom >> >> Booster Theme Link Panel >> Properties >> Main Properties
  • The theme comes with six theme layout designs, you can make your website theme as beautiful as you can be.
  • affiliate booster design six articles
  • Simple Header Right Menu
  • Simple Left Menu in Header
  • Center Logo Above the Left Menu
  • Logo Center Over Menu Center
  • In heading 1 with the image of the ad
Affiliate Booster Theme Discount

3 Twelve homepages and storage layout

  • Go to look >> Custom >> >> Collaborative Booster Theme Panel >> Properties >> Home Page Layout
  • The Affiliate Booster theme offers 12 different layouts to set up your homepage and archive, which makes your website attractive and stunning.
  • of twelve original booster memberships and archives
  • Large Featured Image – Left sidebar
  • Customized Image – Right Sidebar
  • Wide Image – Right sidebar
  • Wide Image – Left sidebar
  • Simple Layout – Left sidebar
  • Simple Layout – Right Sidebar
  • Full-Width Building (No Side Bar)
  • Grid Arrangement – Right sidebar
  • Grid Layout – Left Sidebar
  • Large Featured Grid Layout Image – Left Sidebar
  • Graphic Image with Grid layout – Right sidebar
  • Full width 3 Grids
Affiliate Booster Theme Discount
Affiliate Booster Theme Discount

4 An Amazing Posting Design

  • Go to look >> Custom >> >> Booster Theme Booster Theme Properties >> Single post editing
  • This Sending Layout makes your content more professional, user-friendly, and engaging. The best thing is that these structures are for one post and not for all posts. External – If your blog has 10 posts then it can be done with 10 different layouts.
  • one-page support integration
  • Featured Image Below Post Post
  • The posted image above the post title
  • Inner Post Title Container
  • Vessel Export Title
Affiliate Booster Theme Discount
Affiliate Booster Theme Discount

5 Advanced Typing in Customizer

  • Go to look >> Customize >> Affiliate Booster Theme Panel >> Global Option >> Advanced Typography
  • and here you can set text color, text size, font, font, variations, and text alignment of paragraphs, links, and H1 to H6 tags that apply to all posts and pages.
  • membership booster advanced typography
  • membership booster advanced typography

6 Extra Banner Ad

  • Go to look >> Customize >> Widgets
  • This theme comes with four-foot columns and five advertising areas that improve your earnings very quickly.
  • a link to the booster above the ad banner

7 Custom Scripts

  • Perhaps it seems that by adding any custom text we go to the theme editor and sometimes placing the code in the wrong place.
  • But this theme comes with a powerful script located at the bottom of every post and one page. Enter your custom code here and make your job much easier.

8 Pricing

  • Affiliate booster theme comes with 3 diffenent plans. you can choose according to their choice.
Affiliate Booster Theme Discount

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Affiliate Booster By Kulwant Nagi

Since its inception, within the Expert Speaks interview series, I even have interviewed various experts from the digital marketing industry.

Today, we’ve with us the inspirational blogger and affiliate marketing expert Mr. Kulwant Nagi.

Let me share a touch about this excellent personality before we began with the interview.

We also know about who is Mr. Kulwant Nagi

Kulwant Nagi is that the founding father of AffloSpark LLC and BloggingCage. he’s one among the best bloggers within the world.

Kulwant Nagi is from a little town Fatehabad, Haryana. How he is becoming an expert and successful affiliate he came from small-town now he is what is person earning too much.

He is a world speaker and has traveled across the planet

. Now, days are currently making an average of $ 8,000- $ 10,000 a month from his various niche blogs.

As a speaker, Kulwant presented a number of lectures in sections such as blogs, India Affiliate Summit, Indian Affiliate Conference, HD, Digital Masters Conference, and many other marketing and cooperation conferences in India, and abroad.

Kulwant Nagi is one of the leading marketers from India and runs a blog called “Blogging Cage” which mainly covers related blogging and social media topics. You’ve made more than $ 500K in affiliate marketing so you know more about how to make money with related products.

He introduced an online premium course called “Affiliate Marketing Masterclass” which helps you with effective collaborative marketing.

This amazing course contains 200 niche ideas, six to 7 hours of 35+ video, and video content to learn about profitable collaboration advertising.

Why Kulwant nagi choose the blogging world

He quit after trying for another year and failed to plan enough money.

Kulwant started working for the company but resigned due to frustration within a year.

She is one of his friends; Ravinder Kumar pressured him to try blogging and digital marketing.

She tried writing an article on her friend’s blog and received over 200 comments within a day.

This made him realize that he could start his own blog and start making money.

Kulwant eventually got into it and changed the course of his life.

However, this was just the beginning of the 18months struggle.

Motivational story of Kulwant nagi how he survived in his life and also what is the success mantra and key of his life

Kulwant received his first dollar after seven boring months although most volunteered following three or four months when they could not bring in any money. Winning a small amount of money after seven confusing months made his power grounded. He said, in the first eighteen months of his blog, he had used the 2G web. It is almost impossible for us to persevere and work with the 2G web. However, he has shown that when a person has a strong opinion nothing is unthinkable.

He started using Fiverr and brought in enough money to keep it running. He sold his first blog for $ 30 to meet his incredibly much-needed cost with endurance. In any case, over time, his monthly payments began to expand and he is now a successful marketer earning millions. In 2017, he earned about $ 9000 in just four days doing email advertising.

Kulwant’s secret to keeping himself motivated is using many inspirational books. You rely on reading accounts of successful people on the scene.

What the Kulwant nagi want and give the advice to beginner

According to Kulwant, simple words for blogging or writing content are in high demand these days. However, the problem with our generation is that we are overburdened with information. We cannot set a goal by switching from one opportunity to another. Kulwant says if we find an interest we should do some research and start working on it. Sitting down and watching others succeed does not automatically get us to that place. He said we had to work hard for the first six months without expecting any results once we started working. One has to find an important place and continue to work for it.

Some  top question ask from Mr. Kulwant sir what did he reply let we should know and important for beginners

 Well, a lot of people try to blog and can’t get results from it. What is your advice for people who want to start a blog or are in the early stages of their blogging journey?

They do not get results because they try many things.

One day they wanted to be YouTube, the second day they thought they were the best blogger, and the third day they tried to read Facebook ads.

The most complete details now kill this generation.

There is a lot of information online that this disease is natural.

They are distracted by many things and cannot concentrate on one thing.

My strategy for success – doing one thing in the next six months without expecting results. You can see it clearly and see the results.

But here’s the thing about it: you have to be interested in that one thing until you reach any level of learning.

In simple text, I would like to know what Kulwant Nagi did during his free time?

He is a very good person he’s doing in free time listening to music and playing with child help the poor person

When someone asks Kulwant sir what is the changing tren in blogging what is said

The most recently modified blogging practice is – long articles.

Back in 2012-13, 800-1000 articles were used to rank well, but by 2020, the lowest number of words to rate an article is up to 2000 words.

These days people prefer to learn lessons that are real examples and examples. Gone are the days when people used to love articles entitled “Top 10 plugins to grow your blog” now is the time when people choose content entitled “How I Upgraded My Blog 217% With 10 Plugins.”

Blogging, therefore, becomes more personal and longer articles that create magic.

Long-form content is one of the 2020 digital marketing strategies

 Finally, the student’s final question comes from the management student. Jewel asks “How much can a beginner expect from a full-time blogging job? Any advice for those people who are interested in making money with a blog? ”

This question has no definite answer.

How much you earn depends on how much time you spend, how much you plan, how much your team, what jobs you do and so on.

The Internet is a sea and I can’t tell you how big it is.

I know people who make 2-3 lakhs a month by blogging. I know people who make the same money by creating event blogs and there are many more examples.

My tips for newbies will be, focus on learning first.

Once you have read the material, the money will appear automatically.

The conclusion

I hope this will be very helpful to you.

Dear readers, thank you for reading hope I hope this interview with Kulwant Nagi has given you a lot of ideas on how to plan your career as a blogger and affiliate marketer.

And if you plan on doing affiliate marketing work, I recommend you go through Kulwant Nagi’s  affiliate marketing course.

The structure of the course content is designed in such a way that even if you are new to the subject, you can follow the strategies outlined in the lesson

and begin discovering it in the next 3 to 6 months.

Most people who start blogging think that they can start earning money with the help of magic waves.

They think blogging is really easy, but it’s not like that.

If you want to create income or make blogging a source of income, then the first thing you need to develop is positive thinking.

You will need to consider blogging as a full-time job and not as a hobby.

Also, you need to take action to get results.

You can’t just keep looking at course content for information.

You have to go through complete training, take notes, and take action to succeed.

I feel that this study has the potential to change the lives of many people.

Once you have registered for this course, you will receive step-by-step ideas to take on the training and successful activities.

With this tutorial, you can save your precious time, which is often spent by a newbie in non-productive activities.

Apart from this, you will gain access to Facebook and Telegram groups where you can connect directly with Kulwant Nagi, where he himself will answer your questions on your posts

Compatible marketing is a new business because you don’t need to create any product.

You just have to sell the product to the people who need it.

It basically fixes the problems of people who need solutions.

However, there are some tips you will only know once you have enrolled in this course.

If you have tried many blogging and marketing courses and have not been able to make any sales, I strongly recommend that you sign up for this course.

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